USA: Stop Siemens union-busting

ActNOW -A LabourStart campaign

USA: Stop Siemens union-busting

In partnership with the United Steelworkers, representing 1.2 million active and retired members in North America.

Siemens, the global engineering giant, likes to say it’s a socially responsible company. It even just signed an agreement with labour organizations committing to respect workers’ rights around the globe. So what does Siemens do within days after signing this agreement? It launches a vicious union busting campaign. In Maryland, USA, Siemens has hired a top-dollar anti-union consultant and waged a campaign that’s included intimidation, surveillance, threats involving termination, and prohibiting Siemens employees from even talking about the union. The workers at Siemens in Maryland are fighting back. They’re seeking to organize with the United Steelworkers and are reaching out to unions around the world for support.

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Dear Siemens

We wish you luck with your upcoming union election and look forward to
you joining the international community of organized workers employed by
Siemens. In a global economy dominated by global corporations, it’s
necessary for workers to join together internationally to fight for our
rights as workers. To those ends, we stand with you, united, to share
our collective strength.

We are shocked and disappointed by the anti-union campaign underway at
North East, Maryland and will not stand by in silence. Very recently,
on July 25, Siemens signed a Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with its
General Works Council, the German Metalworkers union IG Metall, and the
IndustriALL Global Union. In it, Siemens agreed to respect workers’
right to choose a union.

Specifically, the GFA guarantees employees’ right to “freedom of
association and the right to collective bargaining,” and pledges an
“uncompromising compliance with the law.” We are disappointed by the
swift violation of these terms. News about union busters and unfair
labor practices is disheartening. Don’t fall for Siemens’ tactics, and
stay strong.

Collective bargaining always benefits workers. Many non-union employees
will believe the company has their best interests in mind. They don’t
understand that union bargaining has improved conditions for all
workers, non-union as well as union members. Remember, nothing is given
to you by the company – fair wages and benefits are not a guaranteed
right – they’ve been fought for and earned by organized workers.

We applaud your choice to form a union and support you in your efforts.In Solidarity,

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Author: AFGE Local 704

Representing over 900 bargaining unit employees working at the U.S. EPA Region 5 Offices in Chicago, Ann Arbor, MI and Westlake, OH.

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