2012 Minnesota AFL-CIO Endorsements

2012 Minnesota AFL-CIO Endorsements

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Minnesota AFL-CIO for the November 6 General Election.

These are candidates we believe will put middle class families first.  They will work to create the jobs we need, ensure that middle class families are treated fairly, and help build a better Minnesota.

These candidates have either demonstrated that commitment in office or committed to do so if elected.

Additionally, the Minnesota AFL-CIO has taken positions on both proposed constitutional amendments before voters.

This list will continue to grow, so come back often.

President  & Vice President of the United States

President Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden

 U.S. Senate

Senator Amy Klobuchar

 U.S. House

CD 1  Rep. Tim Walz (DFL)

CD 2  Mike Obermueller (DFL)

CD 3  Brian Barnes (DFL)

CD 4  Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL)

CD 5  Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL)

CD 6  Jim Graves (DFL)

CD 7   Rep. Collin Peterson (DFL)

CD 8  Rick Nolan (DFL)

Minnesota State Senate

SD 1 Sen. LeRoy Stumpf (DFL)

SD 2 Sen. Rod Skoe (DFL)

SD 3 Sen. Tom Bakk (DFL)

SD 4 Rep. Kent Eken (DFL)

SD 5 Sen. Tom Saxhaug (DFL)

SD 6 Sen. David Tomassoni (DFL)

SD 7 Sen. Roger Reinert (DFL)

SD 8 Dan Skogen (DFL)

SD 9 Al Doty (DFL)

SD 10 Taylor Stevenson (DFL)

SD 11 Sen. Tony Lourey (DFL)

SD 12 John Schultz (DFL) 

SD 13 Peggy Boeck (DFL)

SD 14 Jerry McCarter (DFL)

SD 15  Sally Knox (DFL)

SD 16 Ted Suss (DFL)

SD 17 Sen. Lyle Koenen (DFL)

SD 20 Kevin Dahle (DFL)

SD 21 Matt Schmit (DFL)

SD 22 Al Oberloh (DFL)

SD 23 Paul Marquardt (DFL)

SD 24 Vicki Jensen (DFL)

SD 25 Judy Ohly (DFL)

SD 26 Ken Moen (DFL)

SD 27 Sen. Dan Sparks (DFL)

SD 31 Mike Starr (DFL)

SD 32 Jeske Noordegraaf (DFL)

SD 34 Sharon Bahensky (DFL)

SD 35 Peter Perovich (DFL)

SD 36 John Hoffman (DFL)

SD 37 Alice Johnson (DFL)

SD 38 Timothy Henderson (DFL)

SD 39 Julie Bunn (DFL)

SD 41 Sen. Barb Goodwin (DFL)

SD 42 Rep. Bev Scalze (DFL)

SD 43 Sen. Chuck Wiger (DFL)

SD 45 Sen. Ann Rest (DFL)

SD 46 Sen. Ron Latz (DFL)

SD 48 Laurie McKendry (DFL)

SD 49 Melisa Franzen (DFL)

SD 50 Melissa Wiklund (DFL)

SD 51 Jim Carlson (DFL)

SD 52 Sen. Jim Metzen (DFL)

SD 53 Susan Kent (DFL)

SD 54 Sen. Katie Sieben (DFL)

SD 56 Leon Thurman (DFL)

SD 57 Greg Clausen (DFL)

SD 58 Andrew Brobston (DFL)

SD 59 Rep. Bobby Joe Champion (DFL)

SD 60 Sen. Kari Dziedzic (DFL)

SD 61 Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL)

SD 62 Sen. Jeff Hayden (DFL)

SD 63 Sen. Patricia Torres Ray (DFL)

SD 64 Sen. Richard (Dick) Cohen (DFL)

SD 65 Sen. Sandy Pappas (DFL)

SD 66 Sen. John Marty (DFL)

SD 67 Foung Hawj (DFL)

Minnesota State House

HD 1A Bruce Patterson (DFL)

HD 1B Marc DeMers (DFL)

HD 2A Roger Erickson (DFL)

HD 2B Brita Sailer (DFL)

HD 3A Rep. David Dill (DFL)

HD 3B Rep. Mary Murphy (DFL)

HD 4A Ben Lien (DFL)

HD 4B Rep. Paul Marquart (DFL)

HD 5B Rep. Tom Anzelc (DFL)

HD 6A Rep. Carly Melin (DFL)

HD 6B Jason Metsa (DFL)

HD 7A Rep. Thomas Huntley (DFL)

HD 7B  Erik Simonson (DFL)

HD 8A Chester (Chet) Nettestad (DFL)

HD 8B Bob Cunniff (DFL)

HD 9B Adrian Welle (DFL)

HD 10A Rep. John Ward (DFL)

HD 10B Joe Radinovich (DFL)

HD 11A Mike Sundin (DFL)

HD 11B Tim Faust (DFL)

HD 12A Jay McNamar (DFL)

HD 13A Richard Bohannon II (DFL)

HD 13B Shannon Schroeder (DFL)

HD 14A Anne Nolan (DFL)

HD 14B Zachary Dorholt (DFL)

HD 15A Joe Walsh (DFL)

HD 15B Brian Johnson (DFL)

HD 16A Al Kruse (DFL)

HD 17A Rep. Andrew Falk (DFL)

HD 17B Mary Sawatzky (DFL)

HD 18B Logan Campa (DFL)

HD 19A Rep. Terry Morrow (DFL)

HD 19B Rep. Kathy Brynaert (DFL)

HD 20B David Bly (DFL)

HD 21A John Bacon (DFL)

HD 22A Eugene Short (DFL)

HD 22B Cheryl Avenel-Navara (DFL)

HD 23A Kevin Labenz (DFL)

HD 24A Craig Brenden (DFL)

HD 24B Rep. Patti Fritz (DFL)

HD 25A John Vossen (DFL)

HD 26A Rep. Tina Liebling (DFL)

HD 27A Shannon Savick (DFL)

HD 27B Rep. Jeanne Poppe (DFL)

HD 29A Susann Dye (DFL)

HD 29B Barrett Chrissis (DFL)

HD 31A Ryan Fiereck (DFL)

HD 32A  Paul Gammel (DFL)

HD 32B Rick Olseen (DFL)

HD 33A Todd Mikkelson (DFL)

HD 33B Denise Bader (DFL)

HD 35A Rep. Jim Abeler (R)

HD 35B Sam Scott (DFL)

HD 36A Grace Baltich (DFL)

HD 36B Rep. Melissa Hortman (DFL)

HD 37A Jerry Newton (DFL)

HD 38B Greg Pariseau (DFL)

HD 39A John Bruno (DFL)

HD 39B Tom DeGree (DFL)

HD 40A Rep. Mike Nelson (DFL)

HD 40B Rep. Deb Hilstrom (DFL)

HD 41A Connie Bernardy (DFL)

HD 41B Rep. Carolyn Laine (DFL)

HD 42A Barbara Yarrusso (DFL)

HD 42B Jason “Ike” Isaacson (DFL)

HD 43A Peter Fischer (DFL)

HD 44B Rep. John Benson (DFL)

HD 45A Rep. Lyndon Carlson (DFL)

HD 45B Mike Freiberg (DFL)

HD 46B Rep. Steve Simon (DFL)

HD 48A Yvonne Selcer (DFL)

HD 48B Tori Hill (DFL)

HD 49A Ron Erhardt (DFL)

HD 49B Paul Rosenthal (DFL)

HD 50A Rep. Linda Slocum (DFL)

HD 51A Sandra Masin (DFL)

HD 51B Laurie Halverson (DFL)

HD 52A Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL)

HD 52B Rep. Joe Atkins (DFL)

HD 53A JoAnn Ward (DFL)

HD 53B Ann Marie Metzger (DFL)

HD 54A Dan Schoen (DFL)

HD 54B Joanna Bayers (DFL)

HD 56B Will Morgan (DFL)

HD 57A Roberta Gibbons (DFL)

HD 57B Jeff Wilfahrt (DFL)

HD 58A Colin Lee (DFL)

HD 58B Jim Arlt (DFL)

HD 59A Rep. Joe Mullery (DFL)

HD 59B Raymond Dehn (DFL)

HD 60B Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL)

HD 61A Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL)

HD 61B Rep. Paul Thissen (DFL)

HD 62A Rep. Karen Clark (DFL)

HD 62B Rep. Susan Allen (DFL)

HD 63A Rep. Jim Davnie (DFL)

HD 63B Rep. Jean Wagenius (DFL)

HD 64A Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL)

HD 64B Rep. Michael Paymar (DFL)

HD 65A Rep. Rena Moran (DFL)

HD 65B Rep. Carlos Mariani (DFL)

HD 66A Rep. Alice Hausman (DFL)

HD 66B Rep. John Lesch (DFL)

HD 67A Rep. Tim Mahoney (DFL)

HD 67B Rep. Sheldon Johnson (DFL)

 Constitutional Amendments

Anti-Marriage Amendment – VOTE NO

Photo ID to Vote – VOTE NO


Author: AFGE Local 704

Representing over 900 bargaining unit employees working at the U.S. EPA Region 5 Offices in Chicago, Ann Arbor, MI and Westlake, OH.

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