Survey: Views often rosier from the top in federal workforce

Survey: Views often rosier from the top in federal workforce

Federal employees protesting the government shutdown last month in Detroit. (Steve Perez/AP).

Federal employees protesting the government shutdown last month in Detroit. (Steve Perez/AP).

The federal government’s Employee Viewpoint Survey shows a significant disconnect between top- and lower-level workers when it comes to their outlooks on leadership and team dynamics.

The survey results, released last week, show that positive views often increase with rank. For example, only 28.2 percent of non-supervisor employees in the federal workforce said differences in performance are recognized in a meaningful way, compared to 51.3 percent of managers and 62.2 percent of executives.

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The views from the top were significantly rosier than those among lower-level employees across the board in two survey categories dealing with leadership and team dynamics. Below are a few more examples we pulled from the results:

Promotions are based on merit

  • Non-supervisor 27.3 percent
  • Managers 57.6 percent
  • Executives 71.6

Awards depend on how well employees perform their jobs

  • Non-supervisor 34.3 percent
  • Managers 58.1 percent
  • Executives 68.1 percent

The people I work with cooperate and get the job done

  • Non-supervisor 71.3 percent
  • Managers 80.6 percent
  • Executives 86.8 percent

The skill level in my unit has improved in the past year

  • Non-supervisor 49.8 percent
  • Managers 65.7 percent
  • Executives 71.1 percent

Leaders generate high levels of motivation and commitment

  • Non-supervisor 38.8 percent
  • Managers 55.1 percent
  • Executives 69.4 percent

Managers communicate goals and priorities of the organization

  • Non-supervisor 59.6 percent
  • Managers 72.8 percent
  • Executives 80.9 percent

Managers support collaboration across units to accomplish objectives

  • Non-supervisor 53.6 percent
  • Managers 71 percent
  • Executives 79 percent

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Author: AFGE Local 704

Representing over 900 bargaining unit employees working at the U.S. EPA Region 5 Offices in Chicago, Ann Arbor, MI and Westlake, OH.

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