AFGE National Constitution

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union representing 650,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas.  AFGE was formed for the purpose of promoting unity of action in all matters affecting the mutual interests of Federal civilian employees.  The object of the Federation is to promote the general welfare of government employees, promote efficiency, advance plans of improvement, and promote the full participation of women and minorities in AFGE activities at all levels throughout the Federation.

As a labor union, AFGE is in a unique position amongst labor unions because it is democratic in its dealings with members.  The highest level of authority in the Federation is the AFGE National Constitution, which is amended as needed and voted on by the members, not the National Executive Council.  This is a Union that belongs to the Union members and is run by the Union members!  At the same time, we are proud to have such an excellent organization at our Headquarters Office in Washington, D.C., that coordinates a full-scale legislative and political action program to monitor issues that impact the government work force. The union is also divided into 12 geographical districts consisting of some 1,100 locals. Over one-half of AFGE’s members are consolidated into agency-wide bargaining units, such as AFGE Council 238.

Please take time to download and read the AFGE National Constitution 2012 which provides the organizational basis of our labor union.  It is a PDF which requires the free Acrobat Reader.

3 thoughts on “AFGE National Constitution”

  1. The bylaws cover it. For our local the EVP automatically succeeds.
    I have a question on local officer election if the union president is unable to fulfill there time in office dose the Vice President fill that position for the term of the election or dose there have to be nominations sent in for members that may be interested in the local president position and a vote take place by the membership.
    If it has to be an election for that president position who makes that decision and if so what article can I find it? Or dose this have to be part of the local bylaws on how this would be handled, that the Vice President would automatically move into that position or an election would have to take place.
    Thank You for your time and hopefully you maybe able to answer my question

  2. I’ve been asked to serve on an investigative committee for my local, I’m asking for some guidance from the national level, please contact me Victor A. Jones @ 804-675-5000 ext 5101

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