Most Defense Civilians Begin Forced 3-Day Furlough Weekends

Most Defense Civilians Begin Forced 3-Day Furlough Weekends

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Each Defense Department entity has set its own guidelines for implementing the across-the-board furloughs scheduled to begin Monday, according to a Pentagon spokesman, though most of the department’s civilians face forced three-day weekends.

“There’s no one set of rules,” said Mark Wright, a Defense spokesman. “Every office has been doing it a little differently.”

A majority of Defense agencies, he added, will allow employees to take unpaid leave on Mondays or Fridays. Continue reading “Most Defense Civilians Begin Forced 3-Day Furlough Weekends”

Sequestration cuts continue to take their toll, even on firefighting

Sequestration cuts continue to take their toll, even on firefighting

Wed Jul 3, 2013 10:09 AM EDT

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Ordinarily on the 4th of July, many U.S. military bases host fireworks displays for the community, but this year, sequestration cuts have caused several cancellations. Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg, and Shaw Air Force Base, among others, have scrapped the traditional celebrations, citing “fiscal challenges.”

But maybe you don’t care about fireworks displays. Fine. How about the federal court system? Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts explained over the weekend the sequester has hit the U.S. judiciary “particularly hard” and has had a “direct impact” on the ability of the courts to meet public needs. Continue reading “Sequestration cuts continue to take their toll, even on firefighting”

Furlough Friday Follows July 4 Holiday

Furlough Friday Follows July 4 Holiday

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Thousands of federal employees will have a four-day weekend for the July 4 holiday.

The Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development Department and Internal Revenue Service will remain closed on Friday, July 5, to meet budget demands imposed by sequestration. The “majority” of employees at the Office of Management and Budget also will be on furlough this Friday, according to an agency spokeswoman. Continue reading “Furlough Friday Follows July 4 Holiday”

EEOC Considers New Wave of Furloughs

EEOC Considers New Wave of Furloughs

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Employees at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may face a new round of furloughs, and the union that represents them is pushing back.

EEOC has already implemented its first phase of furloughs because of sequestration budget cuts, requiring employees to take five days of unpaid leave. The agency, which employs about 2,200 workers, is now assessing whether it needs to institute a second round.

In an effort to head off additional furloughs, the American Federation of Government Employees has asked its members to write to EEOC Chair Jacqueline Berrien to “share their personal stories of the harmful effects of furloughs on their work and finances.” Continue reading “EEOC Considers New Wave of Furloughs”

Sequestration Concerns Play Out

Sequestration Concerns Play Out

Critics of government spending have long complained that the sequester fears were overblown: The across-the-board spending cuts were not and will not be apocalyptic. And, in a lot of ways, they were right. Half of the doomsday predictions that The Washington Post looked at this week never happened, the paper reported. But that doesn’t mean the sequester was a big dud.

Some 680,000 of the Defense Department’s civilian personnel nationwide will begin taking occasional furlough days starting next week through the end of the year. And sequestration has reduced unemployment benefits across the country by more than $100 a week in some states, according to the National Employment Law Project. Continue reading “Sequestration Concerns Play Out”

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