SSA offering early-outs in 2014

SSA offering early-outs in 2014

Friday – 1/31/2014, 2:00am EST

The Social Security Administration, one of the government’s biggest, best-known operations, is offering older, long-time employees the chance to take early retirement.

SSA is well-known to most Americans, and with 60,000 employees, SSA is one of the largest federal agencies. By some estimates, nearly half of the agency’s workers would be eligible for early-retirement.

The early-out, one of the first this year in government, could open up the promotion pipeline for younger, mid-career employees and jump-start early retirement offers in other agencies too.

SSA’s early-out is for employees who are at least 50-years-old with 20 years of federal/military service, or to anyone with 25 years of service regardless of age. Continue reading “SSA offering early-outs in 2014”

Social Security Administration Offers Early Retirement to Employees Again

Social Security Administration Offers Early Retirement to Employees Again

By Eric Katz 3:50 PM ET


The Social Security Administration once again will offer early retirement incentives to eligible employees this year as part of an ongoing effort to right-size its workforce, the agency announced Friday.

Employees who at least 50 years old with 20 years of federal service, or any employee with at least 25 years in federal government, are eligible to take advantage of SSA’s Voluntary Early Retirement Authority. SSA expects about 200 workers to accept the offer, said Kia Anderson, an agency spokeswoman. They have until May 9 to accept the offer and must separate from the agency by July 31. Continue reading “Social Security Administration Offers Early Retirement to Employees Again”

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