Happy Valentine’s Day EPA

love-epaLast week, Stand.earth asked their supporters to show EPA staff some love on Valentine’s Day –for science, for communities and for the climate. Here are the thousands of love notes they received.  Some examples:

  • Thank you for your efforts to keep the environment safe for present and future generations!
  • At least a quarter-billion people in this country want EPA to keep doing what it’s always done.  We hope you’ll thwart what Trump tries to do.  We’ll give you all the support we can!
  • Thank you for fighting the good fight and for everything you do at the EPA!!! Those of us rational people of conscience truly appreciate it! We’ll keep fighting for you just as you’ve fought for our environment.
  • I love the EPA and what it has done to improve the purity of the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Please continue your efforts relentlessly to protect our environment.

Apple hires former EPA head to boost its green cred

Apple hires former EPA head to boost its green cred

By May 29, 2013: 12:01 PM ET

Lisa JacksonLisa Jackson

FORTUNE — If anyone can bring some bite to Apple’s green programs, it’s Lisa Jackson. Trained as a chemical engineer, Jackson revamped the declawed version of the Environmental Protection Agency that she inherited in 2009. Sure, Congress shot down her proposed carbon cap and trade program, but she was able to pass emissions regulations that are changing the shape of the U.S. energy landscape.

Now, she’s headed to Apple (AAPL). CEO Tim Cook announced at All Things D’s tech conference on Tuesday that Jackson would soon head its environmental efforts, though he didn’t mention her exact title. In fact, he didn’t relay much of anything, according to Fortune writer Adam Lashinsky. Continue reading “Apple hires former EPA head to boost its green cred”

E.P.A. Chief to Step Down, With Climate Still Low Priority

E.P.A. Chief to Step Down, With Climate Still Low Priority

By ; Published: December 27, 2012

Lisa P. Jackson is stepping down as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency after a four-year tenure that began with high hopes of sweeping action to address climate change and other environmental ills but ended with a series of rear-guard actions to defend the agency against challenges from industry, Republicans in Congress and, at times, the Obama White House.

Mandel Ngan/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Lisa P. Jackson is stepping down as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

 Ms. Jackson, 50, told President Obama shortly after his re-election in November that she wanted to leave the administration early next year. She informed the E.P.A. staff of her decision on Thursday morning and issued a brief statement saying that she was confident “the ship is sailing in the right direction.” Continue reading “E.P.A. Chief to Step Down, With Climate Still Low Priority”

Russell E. Train, Conservationist Who Helped Create the E.P.A., Dies at 92

New York Times

Russell E. Train, Conservationist Who Helped Create the E.P.A., Dies at 92

Published: September 17, 2012

Russell E. Train, a renowned conservationist who played a central role in the creation of groundbreaking laws and effective enforcement in response to rising concerns about environmental protection in America, died on Monday at his farm in Bozman, Md. He was 92.

Charles Harrity/Associated Press

Russell E. Train was E.P.A. administrator from 1973 to 1977.

 His death was announced by Carter Roberts, the president of the World Wildlife Fund, which Mr. Train helped transform into a global force for conservation.

From 1969 to 1977, as Richard M. Nixon’s first chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and then as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under Gerald R. Ford, Mr. Train was among a select group of senior administration officials and Congressional leaders who shaped the world’s first comprehensive program for scrubbing the skies and waters of pollution, ensuring the survival of ecologically significant plants and animals, and safeguarding citizens from exposure to toxic chemicals.

Mr. Train was widely considered the father of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, the cornerstone of all modern federal environmental legislation. Its signature provision was the look-before-you-leap requirement for federal agencies to prepare environmental impact statements before proceeding with any major project. Continue reading “Russell E. Train, Conservationist Who Helped Create the E.P.A., Dies at 92”

EPA fires scientists – to shake attempt to unionize?

EPA fires scientists – to shake attempt to unionize?

September 6 2012

epa scientists

One scientist has been fired, and another suspended, from the EPA’s National Exposure Research Laboratory in Athens, Ga. by agency management, in the midst of a union election. The American Federation of Government Employees‘ EPA Labor Council #238 expressed utter outrage that this was – purposefully, they believe – done at a time when scientists at the Athens lab were seeking union representation.

“The two scientists who were blatantly reprised against were activists in seeking the union election,” said AFGE EPA Council 238 president Charles Orzehoskie. “We stand by them in their hour of need.”

The scientists worked for the lab’s Ecosystems Research Division, and were each dismissed for different alleged reasons. One worker was suspended August 14 for reportedly turning in travel expenses for non-work-related travel, while the other – who was world-renowned – was fired for supposedly failing to submit a medical document for a health-related absence. Continue reading “EPA fires scientists – to shake attempt to unionize?”

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