Telework (also called telecommuting) is the ability to do your work at a location other than your “official duty station.” With portable computers, high speed telecommunications links, and ever-present pocket communications devices, many employees today can work almost anywhere at least some of the time. Using the flexibility to work in a home office or telework center when it is effective to do so is clearly the wave of the future, and for many of us the future is already here.

For more information on telework in the U.S. government, please click on the following link: Interagency Telework Site.  You may also wish to view the GSA Telework Overview Page.

On November 13, 1998, AFGE and the U.S. EPA entered into an agreement for a Flexiplace Program. The Federal Government promotes telecommuting programs such as EPA’s Flexiplace program to address the Government’s challenge of improving customer service, reducing energy consumption, safeguarding air quality, reducing traffic congestion, operating with limited funding, and meeting employee needs.  Please click on the following links to download the AFGE EPA Flexiplace Agreement (11-25-1998) and the Flexiplace Clarification Memorandum.  These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  To download the free reader, click here: Acrobat Reader.

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