Sequestration: Bad for Students, Old People, Law Enforcement, Environment, Probably You


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With Congress and the White House unlikely to strike a deal by Friday to cut the federal budget deficit, a series of automatic cuts known as sequestration are set to go into effect. In total, various federal agencies will be forced to cut $85 billion from their collective operating budgets, resulting in a very tangible reduction in government services.

D.C. would feel the burden very directly, and not just in the number of federal workers who might be forced to take furlough days. The White House last night released state-by-state impact reports on the potential effects of sequestration, with education, workforce development, and public health all taking hits.

The District would lose about $533,000 in funding for primary and secondary education, equivalent to cutting off 1,000 students and ending support to two public schools. D.C. Public Schools’ programs for students with learning disabilities would face even tougher cuts, with $925,000 in funding for teacher and staff salaries set to disappear. Continue reading “Sequestration: Bad for Students, Old People, Law Enforcement, Environment, Probably You”

Most Fed Bonuses Forbidden Under Sequestration

Most Fed Bonuses Forbidden Under Sequestration

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Most awards and bonuses given to federal employees would be canceled indefinitely under sequestration, according to a new White House memo.

The Office of Management and Budget guidance said “discretionary monetary awards to employees should occur only if legally required until further notice.” OMB released the memo as $85 billion in automatic, across-the-board fiscal 2013 budget cuts were set to begin taking effect. Continue reading “Most Fed Bonuses Forbidden Under Sequestration”