Tea Party teams with union leaders to fight Obama’s trade plan

Tea Party teams with union leaders to fight Obama’s trade plan

By Alexander Bolton – 02/04/14 06:00 AM EST

Normally the bitterest of enemies, labor unions and the Tea Party are reaching out to each other to defeat President Obama’s trade agenda.

The groups are at separate poles when it comes to taxes, ObamaCare and who should be the next president, but they agree that making it easier for the administration to negotiate and win congressional approval of trade deals is a bad idea.

“This is one of those issues that 90 percent of the left and 90 percent of the right agree on,” Judson Phillips, president of Tea Party Nation, said. Continue reading “Tea Party teams with union leaders to fight Obama’s trade plan”

Important Message from President Cox

Important Message from President Cox

You don’t deserve another pay cut from Congress. But you may be headed for one. That’s why I need you to call your lawmakers right now.

You may be forced to pay more for your pension – beginning next year – if some of the lawmakers working to negotiate a budget deal have their way. We’re hearing that those lawmakers are proposing to more than triple what you pay for your pension. That’s an additional $20 billion pay cut over the next ten years on top of the $113 billion federal employees have already sacrificed. And that doesn’t include lost wages from furloughs.

The very idea of asking you or any federal employee to sacrifice another penny makes my blood boil. That’s why I’m asking every AFGE member, family member and friend to call their lawmakers right now – your Representative and both of your Senators. We’ve got to stop this proposal in its tracks. Continue reading “Important Message from President Cox”

Global Organizing and a New Approach to Trade and Globalization

09/10/2013 Kenneth Quinnell

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In a time when the globalized economy means that steelworkers in Bahia, Brazil, work for the same multinational as their counterpart

Bahia, Brazil, work for the same multinational as their counterparts in Beaumont, Texas, AFL-CIO is ramping up efforts to help workers organize around the world and fight against bad international trade deals that strip workers of their rights and give corporations unchecked power. Delegates to the AFL-CIO convention in Los Angeles passed two resolutions directly dealing with these important issues.

Given the changing strategies used by multinational corporations to weaken workers’ rights, the AFL-CIO is committing to building strategic alliances with unions and other advocates for working families across the globe. With a foundation built upon ILO core labor standards, the AFL-CIO will seek to ensure that countries across the world have strong national labor laws that are effectively enforced. More research is needed to fully understand the new ways that work is being organized globally, how work moves from location to location and what strategies are most effective for strengthening worker power. Continue reading “Global Organizing and a New Approach to Trade and Globalization”

AFL-CIO Supports Assisting Immigrant Workers to Become Citizens and Exercise Their Workplace Rights

09/10/2013 Kenneth Quinnell

 AFL-CIO Supports Assisting Immigrant Workers to Become Citizens and Exercise Their Workplace Rights

Today, the AFL-CIO reaffirmed its commitment to a comprehensive immigration policy that respects workers’ rights, including a road map to citizenship. Delegates at the AFL-CIO Convention called for an immigration policy that protects U.S. workers, reduces exploitation of immigrant workers and reduces employers’ incentive to hire undocumented workers rather than U.S. workers. Such a policy, the convention resolution states, will increase shared prosperity, improve productivity and quality, limit wage competition, strengthen labor standards and collective bargaining rights, protect the health and safety of workers and provide a social safety net and quality education and training for working families.

Delegates, guests and community allies at the convention took out their phones and called the House, demanding a vote on immigration reform now. Call 1-888-563-8430 to join the action.  Continue reading “AFL-CIO Supports Assisting Immigrant Workers to Become Citizens and Exercise Their Workplace Rights”

Educated workers see unions as advocates

Educated workers see unions as advocates

Future of labor might be white-collar

  • By Alana Semuels Los Angeles Times
  • Posted May 19, 2013 at 3 a.m., updated May 19, 2013 at 12:20 a.m.

The next wave of union protesters isn’t blue collar.

It’s lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, helicopter pilots, judges, insurance agents and podiatrists.

These white-collar workers are not exactly the picture of the labor movement, but they are becoming a more essential part of it as they turn to unions for help in a tough economy as bosses try to squeeze out more profits.

“Employers have been downsizing, asking employees to take on larger roles, making them work more hours,” said Nicole Korkolis, spokeswoman for the Office and Professional Employees International Union. “People are feeling like they need an advocate.” Continue reading “Educated workers see unions as advocates”