OPM Buyouts Could Threaten Progress on Retirement Claims Backlog

OPM Buyouts Could Threaten Progress on Retirement Claims Backlog

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The Office of Personnel Management is offering buyouts and early retirement packages to hundreds of employees across the agency, according to a memorandum from Acting Director Elaine Kaplan.

OPM received approval to offer 299 buyouts and early outs to employees and will send individual emails to eligible workers on June 17, said Kaplan in the May 31 memo, obtained by Government Executive. OPM is using its flexibility to address a tight budget, Kaplan said, but the voluntary employee departures could have other consequences. The agency is offering 17 buyouts to employees in its retirement services division, the office responsible for processing retirement applications and clearing up the current backlog. The 17 buyouts are “limited to non-supervisory employees who are eligible for optional/regular retirement,” according to agency documents.

There are 955 employees in OPM’s retirement services division. Continue reading “OPM Buyouts Could Threaten Progress on Retirement Claims Backlog”

April Brings a Reprieve in Federal Retirement Applications

April Brings a Reprieve in Federal Retirement Applications

The Office of Personnel Management got some breathing room last month to deal with the federal retirement backlog, receiving fewer new claims in April than expected.

OPM reported that it received 7,059 new retirement applications last month, slightly under the 8,000 it projected and the fewest so far in 2013, according to the latest statistics. The agency experienced an influx of 52,744 new claims between January and March alone, a 51 percent increase from the same period last year.

The backlog now stands at 30,080 claims, down 18 percent since March and 17 percent since January. Continue reading “April Brings a Reprieve in Federal Retirement Applications”

Navy releases guidance on potential furloughs for civilian employees


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Navy releases guidance on potential furloughs for civilian employees

Posted by Josh Hicks on February 20, 2013 at 6:00 am

The Department of the Navy on Tuesday released talking points to help its senior leaders explain the furloughs that will impact civilian employees if Congress remains deadlocked over budget matters.

To review, the government faces automatic spending cuts known as sequestration if lawmakers fail to reach a deficit-reduction deal by March 1. After that, Congress has to come up with a new budget before the existing temporary spending plan expires on March 27 in order to avoid a shutdown.

The Navy’s memo provides insight into what other military departments are likely to say about these matters in coming days. Continue reading “Navy releases guidance on potential furloughs for civilian employees”

AP: Sequestration means mass furloughs in April

AP: Sequestration means mass furloughs in April

Jan. 25, 2013 – 03:57PM   |
By STEPHEN LOSEY   |   Comments

The Pentagon is planning to furlough hundreds of thousands of civilian employees beginning in April if a deal is not struck to avert sequestration, according to an Associated Press report.

The AP said that Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter told reporters Friday that if sequestration’s budget cuts go into effect as scheduled on March 1, employees will be furloughed one day per week between April and Sept. 30, the end of fiscal 2013. The AP reported that Carter said the furloughs would likely save $5 billion.

The Army also on Jan. 22 officially froze civilian hiring and ordered managers to lay off temporary employees and let term employees’ appointments lapse once they expire. Thomas Lamont, the Army’s assistant secretary for manpower and reserve affairs, said in a memo that day that the Army may not extend any job offers. Firm job offers extended before Jan. 22 will be honored as long as an entry-on-duty date had been set. Continue reading “AP: Sequestration means mass furloughs in April”

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