Federal pay freeze extension to three years all but a done deal with Senate bill

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Federal pay freeze extension to three years all but a done deal with Senate bill

By , Tuesday, March 12, 7:07 PM

Just when the walloping of federal workers seemed to have reached a peak — BAM — here comes an unexpected blow from the left.

At almost the same time, the workers were the target of additional, albeit not surprising, hits from the right.

Budget Sequester: Environmental Effects Could Include Layoffs And Regulation Shortfalls

Budget Sequester: Environmental Effects Could Include Layoffs And Regulation Shortfalls

Posted: 03/01/2013 7:52 am EST

The federal budget sequester took effect on March 1 with a number of likely environmental impacts. With $1.2 trillion in cuts over the next decade and $85 billion through the end of the fiscal year in September, layoffs and difficulties in enforcing the nation’s environmental regulations are expected.

The National Parks Service is slated to lose over $100 million, which, according to Mother Jones, would also cost local economies millions of dollars in economic activity.

Disaster relief funding will also be impacted, explains Mother Nature Network. The White House said that funding for firefighting, along with state and local emergency management positions will be cut. Continue reading “Budget Sequester: Environmental Effects Could Include Layoffs And Regulation Shortfalls”

Senate Bill Upholds Pay Freeze

Senate Bill Upholds Pay Freeze

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md.
Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md. Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP File Photo

Federal employees will not receive an across-the-board pay increase for 2013 under the Senate bill to keep the government open through the end of the fiscal year.

The Senate Appropriations Committee late Monday night unveiled its continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown after the current funding measure expires on March 27. It includes a provision, also in the House-passed CR, that maintains the current pay freeze for federal employees and lawmakers through Dec. 31, 2013. Continue reading “Senate Bill Upholds Pay Freeze”

Senate Dems unveil $110 billion sequester-replacement package

By Alexander Bolton and Erik Wasson – 02/14/13 01:51 PM ET

Senate Democratic leaders unveiled a $110 billion sequester-replacement bill at a closed-door caucus meeting Thursday that would replace $85 billion in automatic spending cuts set to hit March 1.

The Senate Democratic package is split evenly between spending cuts and provisions raising new tax revenues, according to a Democratic source.

It would raise nearly $54 billion in taxes by implementing the Buffett Rule, setting a minimum effective tax rate for wealthy individuals and families. It would raise additional revenues by changing the tax treatment of oil extraction from oil sands. Continue reading “Senate Dems unveil $110 billion sequester-replacement package”

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