Furloughs Vary Widely At Government Agencies Amid Sequestration Cuts

Furloughs Vary Widely At Government Agencies Amid Sequestration Cuts

By SAM HANANEL 03/08/13 03:04 PM ET EST

 2013 Furloughs

WASHINGTON — First there was a two-year pay freeze. Now furloughs loom, as federal agencies make personnel costs a prime target for across-the-board budget cuts that went into effect last week. The result: anxiety and low morale in a workforce often envied for its job security.

“It would certainly put a strain on things,” said Jonathan Schweizer, 61, an environmental engineer at the Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago who could be forced to take up to 13 days of unpaid leave this year. “I’d probably have to run up some credit card debt or defer maintenance on my home that I’d otherwise consider important.” Continue reading “Furloughs Vary Widely At Government Agencies Amid Sequestration Cuts”

Chicago Federation of Labor – Endorsed Candidates

Last night’s debate illustrates just how much is at stake in this election for working men and women. From the top of the ticket all the way to the bottom, working people have stark choices between candidates who want to protect the top 1% and those who want to build an economy that works for everyone.

You don’t have to wait until November 6 to make your voice heard. You can go to the polls now during the early voting period to vote for labor’s endorsed candidates.

For information about where you can vote and which candidates have been endorsed by organized labor, visit www.chicagolabor.org/politics.

After you vote, join us in making calls to other union members to make sure they get out and vote. We have expanded our phone bank operation for the last few weeks of the campaign.

We have expanded hours at the Painters District Council in Chicago and are opening a second calling location at the IUOE Local 150 in Countryside beginning Thursday, Oct. 25 and running through Election Day.

Click here for information about how you can get involved

In Unity,

The Chicago Federation of Labor


Illinois Labor History Society’s 2012 Union Hall of Honor Awards Dinner

You are invited to the Illinois Labor History Society’s 2012 Union Hall of Honor Awards Dinner

A Salute to Labor’s Historic Heroes from the History Makers of Today

Keynote Speaker: Karen Lewis
President of the Chicago Teachers Union

Sunday, December 2nd, 4:30 PM
Nat’l. Assoc. of Letter Carriers Branch 11

3850 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago
Tickets $75 each or $700 for a group of 10. Advance reservations are required.
Reservations and ticket purchases can be made on line at our website.

To purchase tickets with a check, click here.
To purchase tickets via paypal, click here.

2012 Inductess into the Union Hall of Honor
In this 75th anniversary year of the 1937 Memorial Day Massacre at Republic Steel,
we honor a trio of militant steelworker leaders who fought for justice and democracy.
Guest presenters include Roberta Lynch, Deputy Director of AFSCME Council 31 & athor of Rusted Dreams; labor and social activist Bea Lumpkin, author of Always Bring a Crowd.

Ed Sadlowski

Ed’s Steel Worker Fight Back campaigns sought to bring democracy and progressive miitancy squarely back into his union and the union movement generally. Ed has been a notable workers’ champion for decades since.

Alice Peurala

Alice fought discrimination against women at all levels of the industry.She became the first and only woman president of a basic steel union, USW Local 65 at U.S. Steel‘s South Works.

Frank Lumpkin
Frank led the Save Our Jobs effort following the closure ofChicago’s Wisconsin Steel plant and its refusal to pay wages and pensions owed the workers. After 17 years, a settlement victory was won
Illinois Labor History Society, 123 W. Madison, Suite 905, Chicao, IL 60602
(312) 663-4107  Email: ilhs@prodigy.net    www.illinoislaborhistory.org
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Walmart Workers Continue Demand for Change

Oct 10, 2012 Mike Hall

Workers at Walmart are continuing their actions to win respect and bring change to Walmart , with a demonstration today outside Walmart’s Bentonville, Ark., headquarters and with strikes yesterday by workers at stores in Dallas; Seattle; Miami; Sacramento, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; and in the Chicago and Washington areas.

Colby Harris, who earns $8.90 an hour after three years working at a Walmart in Lancaster, Texas, told The New York Times: Continue reading “Walmart Workers Continue Demand for Change”

AFGE Chicago EPA Local Launches “Save the Environment” Campaign


CONTACT: John O’Grady

September 19, 2012 (630) 699-6106

AFGE Chicago EPA Local Launches “Save the Environment” Campaign

CHICAGO—The American Federation of Government Employees’ Local 704 today announced that it is launching a “Save the Environment – Save the EPA” campaign to draw the public’s attention to the potential impacts of the draconian budget cuts being proposed by Congress on the ability of the EPA to protect our nation’s human health and the environment.

AFGE Local 704, which represents employees at the U.S. EPA regional office in Chicago, including the Great Lakes National Program Office, launched a website, www.savetheepa.org, which highlights environmental issues and congressional proposals targeting EPA programs.

“More than 70 percent of EPA’s budget is in the form of pass-through funding for the states, tribal associations, municipalities and contractors,” said Local 704 President John O’Grady. “Cutting EPA’s budget not only will impact the Agency’s ability to protect human health and the environment on the national level, but also on the local, municipal and tribal levels. Why does Congress want to put people out of work by cutting EPA’s budget in this economy?”

“The American Society of Civil Engineers most recent report card gave America a “C” on bridges, a “D” on dams, and a “D-“ on drinking water,” said Mike Mikulka, a vice president of AFGE Local 704. “As a country we need to recognize the importance of infrastructure investment in America. Infrastructure funding provided by EPA puts people to work building and repairing our nation’s water and wastewater treatment plants, cleaning up contaminated property and the Great Lakes, and supporting clean diesel. By providing these services, we ensure America’s competitiveness and are able to ensure clean air and water for future generations.”

“What will it take for people to say, “yes, the EPA is important for my children and my children’s children?” added Local 704 Vice President Rafael Gonzalez. “The mantra that environmental regulations hurt the economy is utter nonsense. What is hurting America today and threatens the natural beauty of this great country is the desire for outrageous bonuses, profits, and salaries at the risk of clean air, land and water.”

The Local believes the American public needs to be educated about how EPA’s work is being undermined and to motivate them to speak out in favor of clean air and water, and against destroying the beauty of this great country,” said O’Grady.

For more information, visit www.SavetheEPA.org or www.facebook.com/SaveTheEPA.

# # #

AFGE Local 704 represents 1,000 highly dedicated employees working at the U.S. EPA Region 5 Office in Chicago. Local 704 is part of AFGE Council 238, which represents more than 10,000 EPA employees nationwide

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