Patience Wearing Thin Among Those Most Affected by Shutdown

Patience Wearing Thin Among Those Most Affected by Shutdown


Double Whammy

Carl Triplett, an IT management analyst at the U.S. Department of Transportation, has the dubious distinction of being doubly impacted by the government shutdown. Not only has Triplett been furloughed, but Carolina Q, the food-truck business he co-owns with his partner, has lost some of its customer base.

For Triplett, the primary problem is the uncertainty of when the shutdown will end. “Going without one or two paychecks might not be that bad,” he says, “but when you have no end in sight,” it is cause for concern. Even the promise of at least partial back pay is cold comfort, as there is no set return date, and thus employees have no idea when to expect payment.

“I can’t write an IOU to my car payments, apartment, and credit cards,” he noted.

The barbecue business has suffered as furloughed workers remain home, or at least reduce their spending. Triplett had already noticed a downturn during September—one he attributed to the end of summer vacations and the costs associated with children’s return to school—but the effect of the shutdown has been immediate and severe. Continue reading “Patience Wearing Thin Among Those Most Affected by Shutdown”

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