Romney: Save $500B by cutting federal jobs, pay, combining agencies

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Romney: Save $500B by cutting federal jobs, pay, combining agencies

September 18th, 2012 | Pay & Benefits | Posted by Stephen Losey

(Darren McCollester, Getty Images)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney yesterday said the path to saving a half-trillion each year lies with slashing federal jobs and pay, merging agencies, and cracking down on improper payments. Continue reading “Romney: Save $500B by cutting federal jobs, pay, combining agencies”

Half avoid taxes, get US help, but many not poor


Half avoid taxes, get US help, but many not poor 

ALAN FRAM | September 18, 2012 07:50 PM EST |

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney got the math about right. But when he said 47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes and are “dependent on government,” he blurred together half or more of the entire country, ranging from the nation’s neediest to its middle class, and even some of its richest families.

Forty-six percent of the country’s potential taxpayers – some 76 million – paid no federal income taxes last year, according to a study by the Tax Policy Center.

While it’s true most of those nonpayers are poor, the numbers include many others who got tax breaks because they are old, have children in college or didn’t owe taxes on interest from state and local bonds. And of those who didn’t write checks to the IRS, 6 in 10 still paid Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, and more than that paid federal excise taxes on items such as gasoline, alcohol and cigarettes, said Roberton Williams, who analyzes taxes at the center. Continue reading “Half avoid taxes, get US help, but many not poor”