Public-Sector Workers Rally Against Sequestration

Public-Sector Workers Rally Against Sequestration

J. David Cox leads the protest at the Capitol
J. David Cox leads the protest at the Capitol American Federation of Government Employees

Hundreds of public-sector employees gathered with their unions outside the U.S. Capitol Building Tuesday for a rally against the automatic federal budget cuts known as sequestration.

Representatives from the American Federation of Government Employees, a federal workers union, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which covers state and local workers, spoke to the crowd and instructed supporters to demand an alternative solution from Congress.

“We have to end this sequestration madness right now,” said J. David Cox, president of AFGE. “It hurts government workers, it hurts the American public, it hurts everyone.” Continue reading “Public-Sector Workers Rally Against Sequestration”

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