10 questions and answers on budgetary threats to federal employees

10 questions and answers on budgetary threats to federal employees

Posted by Eric Yoder on January 23, 2013 at 1:55 pm

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In football, a “triple threat” refers to a player skilled at running, passing and kicking. Federal employees are facing a triple threat of their own: from the government hitting its debt ceiling, from pending “sequestration” automatic cuts in budgets, and from a potential lapse in agency spending authority. The three relate in some ways but are separate in others.

Following are 10 questions and answers on those issues:

Q. What’s at stake for federal employees if the debt limit is exceeded?

A. The government actually has hit the ceiling already. The Treasury Department, however, has been using various financial maneuvers to free up operating money, which it projects can prevent a default for only several more weeks. Continue reading “10 questions and answers on budgetary threats to federal employees”

Pay Looms Large in Budget Debate

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Pay Looms Large in Budget Debate

There’s been a lot of talk about pay freezes in the last week. The debt ceiling suspension bill the House approved on Wednesday withholds lawmakers’ pay if they don’t pass a fiscal 2014 budget resolution by April 15. Legislation that would extend the pay freeze for federal employees was introduced, briefly put on the House floor schedule, and then postponed. And then there’s the looming trio of threats that could affect the pay of federal employees: a debt default, sequestration, and the possibility of a government shutdown if Congress allows the current continuing resolution to expire.

Let’s recap how federal pay could fare under each possible scenario facing government employees this winter and spring: Continue reading “Pay Looms Large in Budget Debate”

At stake in showdown over 2013 spending: a possible shutdown

By ANDY MEDICI | Last Updated:April 19, 2012


A showdown is brewing between the House of Representatives and the White House that, if not resolved, could lead to a government shutdown this fall.

On Wednesday, the Office of Management and Budget’s acting director Jeffrey Zients told a top House lawmaker that President Obama will veto any 2013 spending bills that cut agency budgets below levels set in last year’s Budget Control Act. Continue reading “At stake in showdown over 2013 spending: a possible shutdown”

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