House easily approves 3-day CR

House easily approves 3-day CR

People walk near Capitol Hill in Washington. | AP Photo

The Senate hopes to quickly follow with its own vote — probably on Wednesday. | AP Photo

By DAVID ROGERS | 1/14/14 11:30 AM EST Updated: 1/14/14 2:11 PM EST

Call it the Return of the Jedi or the prodigal son. But the giant omnibus spending bill heading to the House and Senate floors looms largest for the Appropriations Committees after years of being kicked to the curb by party leaders and ignored by a feckless White House.

The final product, totaling $1.1 trillion and filling hundreds of pages, surely contains its flaws and short-sightedness. But it is by far the biggest bipartisan deal written by a committee of Congress — and not in leadership offices — that Washington has seen in some time.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) was almost bubbly coming out of a meeting Monday night of Senate Republicans on the Appropriations panel. Staff looked exhausted, having worked in some cases six weeks straight but for Christmas Day. Even the ever-cautious Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, the ranking Republican, broke into a smile. Continue reading “House easily approves 3-day CR”

Sequestration Central (Center for Effective Government)




Across-the-board spending cuts, called  sequestration, are now in effect. Sequestration will cut domestic spending on things like education, national parks, air traffic control, and consumer safety protections by about 5 percent and most defense spending by 7.8 percent, according to OMB estimates (many entitlements, including Social Security and Medicaid, will be exempt).

This webpage is devoted to tracking both projected and actual impacts on affected federal programs. It includes original reports and analysis from the Center for Effective Government, as well as links to reports in the media and selected organizations.

What’s New?

Sequestration Standoff

2/26/13: As March 1 approaches, across-the-board federal spending cuts, called sequestration, appear almost certain to occur. Republicans and Democrats are not negotiating to resolve the looming crisis. Neither seems sufficiently motivated to compromise. Continue reading “Sequestration Central (Center for Effective Government)”

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