Worrisome signs in latest employee survey

Worrisome signs in latest employee survey

Employee morale slips further

Nov. 17, 2013 – 06:00AM   |  By SEAN REILLY   |
Sean Archuleta MWM 20130716
Katherine Archuleta, OPM’s newly installed director, pressed HR executives for ideas on how to ‘do more with less.’ (Mike Morones / Staff)

Sequester-related budget cuts. Hiring restrictions. A continuing freeze on pay rates.

For the federal workforce, those forces combined to produce sharp drops in key job satisfaction indicators, according to the latest soundings by the Office of Personnel Management.

Most worrisome to managers, perhaps, was a decline in the area of mission accomplishment: Of almost 377,000 respondents, well under half said they have the people, funding and other resources needed to do their jobs. That was down sharply from both last year and 2010.

“That’s a big one,” Justin Johnson, OPM’s deputy chief of staff, told dozens of senior human capital executives at a meeting last week. “We’ve got to figure out how to use our limited sources as efficiently as possible to mitigate that.”

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