President Obama’s electoral college edge



President Obama’s electoral college edge

Posted by Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake on September 12, 2012 at 6:30 am


President Obama maintains an edge in the race for 270 electoral college votes, according to a state-by-state Fix analysis, even as national polling suggests the race remains tight between the incumbent and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

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Since we last analyzed the national map in July, and despite the fact that Romney has picked his vice president and both parties have held their nominating conventions, there’s been no polling data or spending decisions compelling enough to move any state from its current rating of toss-up, lean Obama or lean Romney.

That means that Obama can count on 196 solid electoral votes and another 41 — in New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Michigan — that lean his way for a total of 237. Romney has 170 solid electoral votes and 36 — Arizona, Missouri and North Carolina — leaning his way for a total of 206. Continue reading “President Obama’s electoral college edge”

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