Brazile: What have unions done for us?


Brazile: What have unions done for us?

Author: By Donna Brazile CNN Contributor
Published On: Sep 04 2012 06:58:48 AM CDT


 (CNN) –

What have unions done for us lately? Other than give us Labor Day, and a three-day weekend to start football season.

The answers may surprise you.

Unions have long been part of our nation’s history, fighting for better pay, safer working conditions, health care and retirement benefits, education and civic participation. Unions have brought diverse voices together, and their struggles have elevated the working conditions, the standard of living and the recognition of not just their members, but of all who labor.

Unions played a major role in ending the sweatshops and child labor so common at the beginning of the 20th century. The International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, or ILGWU, was one of the first unions to have a primarily female membership. And in the aftermath of the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911, in which more than 100 mostly young immigrant women were killed, the ILGWU was at the forefront of reforming working conditions and pushing for comprehensive safety and workers’ compensation laws. Continue reading “Brazile: What have unions done for us?”

Labor Day From The Madison, Wisconsin Perspective – A Call For Workers To Mobilize- 09/03/12

Labor Day From The Madison, Wisconsin Perspective – A Call For Workers To Mobilize- 09/03/12


By Doug Cunningham

Millions of American workers coast to coast celebrated Labor Day 2012, taking a family day off to attend parades, cookouts and hear political speeches. In Madison, Wisconsin  American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Vice-President Gary Mitchell Vice-President Gary Mitchell said it’s vital that working people – union or non-union – not fall for the Big Lie that Romney-Ryan really cares about workin’ people.

[Gary Mitchell]: “The truth is these guys are not on your side. They’ve been stealing form you for thirty years, ever since Ronald Reagan shifted the money away from workin’ class people to the rich. It only accelerated under Bush and it looks like they want to accelerate it some more. The banana republic of the United States is not where we need to be.”

Dave Branson is Executive Director of the Building and Construction Trades Council of South-Central Wisconsin. He says Republicans want to take away money and union protections from hard-working construction workers when instead the GOP should be supporting Obama initiatives to create construction jobs. Continue reading “Labor Day From The Madison, Wisconsin Perspective – A Call For Workers To Mobilize- 09/03/12”

Chicago Federation of Labor – Watch This Video!

Chicago Federation of Labor – Watch This Video

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Labor Day, working men and women are doing more than enjoying the unofficial end of summer with our family and friends. We remember the true meaning of this national holiday, honoring the strength and spirit of the labor movement and working people.

The last decade has been a difficult one for America’s middle class. But we aren’t giving up. Today, we are launching a video that recognizes the role working men and women play in our communities–from the things they do at work to the things they do in our neighborhoods.

You can watch the video here. Continue reading “Chicago Federation of Labor – Watch This Video!”

AFL-CIO: All Labor Has Dignity

Share Thanks for Labor Day

Before you hit your Labor Day parade or cookout, I wanted to recognize the work you do every day to make this country great—and take the chance to say “thank you.”

It’s America’s workers who built this country, make it run and keep it going.

Take a moment to celebrate Labor Day—watch my video “thank you” and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and through email. 

There has been a lot of talk lately about the future of our country and who should get credit for building America. Frankly, I believe we all deserve credit. Everyone’s work is critical to keeping our country moving. We depend on each other and we should recognize the dignity of all work. Continue reading “AFL-CIO: All Labor Has Dignity”

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