Republicans sounding the alarm

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 TOP STORY: Republicans sounding the alarm

Mitt Romney‘s comments at a private fundraiser, revealed Monday night when Mother Jones magazine released a secret video of the event, are alarming a number of Republican strategists, some of whom are worried that the fallout could deal a body blow to the GOP nominee’s already struggling campaign.

“It’s a kidney shot because it reveals a very cynical view,” Mark McKinnon, who served as a top strategist to former President George W. Bush, told The Hill. “He’s pushing independent voters out the door.”

Several GOP political strategists were as harsh in their criticism of Romney as McKinnon, though they asked that their names be withheld to speak candidly about their party’s nominee.

These strategists said the video reinforced perceptions that Romney was an uncaring, out-of-touch millionaire. They also worried the fallout would cost him a crucial week of messaging as he struggles to close a narrow gap in the polls with President Obama.

“Couldn’t come at a worse time,” one Republican strategist told The Hill Monday night. “I hope the [Romney campaign communications] team in Boston doesn’t have any sharp objects nearby.” Continue reading “Republicans sounding the alarm”

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