Governors express frustration with Washington gridlock, sequestration

 Governors express frustration with Washington gridlock, sequestration

Video: In Washington for a National Governors Association conference, a bipartisan group of governors warned that the federal government must be mindful of states as the budget debate continues.

By , Saturday, February 23, 2:37 PM

The nation’s governors had a message Saturday for Americans frustrated that Washington’s persistent partisan gridlock appears likely to trigger an across-the-board budget cut March 1 that could delay airline travel and result in hundreds of thousands of layoffs: They’re frustrated too.

Meeting in Washington for the winter meeting of the National Governors Association, state chief executives from both parties expressed deepening concern about the mindlessness of the $85 billion budget cut, which will be split between military and domestic programs but will otherwise offer an equal whack to every affected government program. They asked to be allowed more discretion in how spending cuts are implemented. Continue reading “Governors express frustration with Washington gridlock, sequestration”