Palermo Workers Fast in Solidarity with Colombian Workers.

Palermo Workers Fast in Solidarity with Colombian Workers.

Milwaukee – Palermo Workers on strike participated in a one-day solidarity fast on Monday, September 17, to express their solidarity with workers on strike against a General Motors Colombia. Some of the Colombian strikers are also participating in a “Fast to the Death” to bring attention to their struggle.

Employees of the Colombian outpost of American car manufacturer GM renewed their call for international solidarity actions on September 3rd, after four days of talks facilitated by the Federal Mediation and Reconciliation Services broke down, and even the involvement of US State Department failed to help reach an agreement. Continue reading “Palermo Workers Fast in Solidarity with Colombian Workers.”

Palermo Workers Stand with Chicago Teachers

Palermo Workers Stand with Chicago Teachers

On Saturday, September 15, 2012, a contingent of striking Palermo workers traveled to Chicago, to march in solidarity with striking educators in the third largest public school system in the country.

“As workers who are also fighting for a greater voice on the job, we know how difficult this decision must have been for CTU to make,” said Raul de la Torre.

Before boarding buses filled with Milwaukee educators and other pro-union allies, striking Palermo’s workers explained to local media why they were going to Chicago. Continue reading “Palermo Workers Stand with Chicago Teachers”

Palermo’s Workers Speak Out Following Washington DC Meeting

Palermo’s Workers Speak Out Following Washington DC Meeting

Striking Palermo’s workers paused their daily picket line in front of Palermo’s, 3301 W. Canal St. in the Menomonee Valley for a brief press conference at 2:30 PM Friday. Workers offered immediate reaction to the outcome of a highly anticipated meeting between Palermo’s CEO Giacomo Fallucca and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in Washington D.C.

The AFL-CIO made it clear that they did not speak on behalf of the workers at Palermo Villa who are on strike for union recognition. The AFL-CIO communicated the Palermo employees most basic demand to the company: meet with the Palermo employees directly. At the meeting, Mr. Giacomo Falluca did not agree to meet with the striking workers.

Orlando Sosa, an employee of Palermo Villa for more than ten years and a member of the Organizing Committee of the Palermo Workers Union, expressed the sentiment of the workers when he said, “Palermo’s says they are a family company, but what kind of family refuses to talk with one another?”

Palermo workers have been on strike since June 1. They are demanding formal recognition of their union, the Palermo Workers Union, as well as immediate re-instatement of all striking workers who were fired. The workers are also calling for the company to follow the direction of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and cease any any re-verification or audit of workers documentation status. Continue reading “Palermo’s Workers Speak Out Following Washington DC Meeting”

Workers and Allies Boycott Action in Grafton, WI

Workers and Allies Boycott Action in Grafton, WI

On the eve of Washington, DC, meeting between Palermo’s CEO Giacomo “Jack” Fallucca and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, community allies joined with striking workers for boycott action in Grafton, WI.

The group spoke with dozens of shoppers on their way in to Costco Wholesale, the largest distributor of Palermo’s pizza, and urged Costco members to join the boycott campaign.

A number of Costco members allied with the Palermo’s Workers Union went inside Costco to ask for a printout of the total dollar amount they had spent at Costco in 2011 and so far in 2012. They were surprised to discover that the sum total of purchases made by just three Costco members amounted to nearly $18,000. Continue reading “Workers and Allies Boycott Action in Grafton, WI”

Palermo Workers Strike a Major Focus on Labor Day in Milwaukee and Nationally

Palermo Workers Strike a Major Focus on Labor Day in Milwaukee and Nationally

The now three month old strike at Palermo’s was a focus of Milwaukee’s annual Labor Day parade on September 3, as well as celebrations of labor in nearby Racine, Madison, and even as far away as Los Angeles, California.

Striking members of the Palermo Workers Union joined with the local United Steelworkers contingent in the annual Milwaukee Labor Day parade and Labor Fest. Many Palermo workers brought their families and children, some of whom also carried signs, flags, banners, noisemakers, and informational literature. Continue reading “Palermo Workers Strike a Major Focus on Labor Day in Milwaukee and Nationally”

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