Why Harry Reid Fears a Long-Term Shutdown Deal


| Tue Oct. 15, 2013 12:00 AM PDT
Zhang Jun/Xinhua/ZUMAPress

As the week of a possible government default began, talks aimed at ending the shutdown and the debt ceiling crisis revolved around a new wrinkle: the resistance of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his fellow Senate Democrats to an agreement funding the government for a longer, rather than shorter, period of time. Say what?

Why is kicking the can down the road a couple of months a better option than staving off another government-spending showdown for a half year, as Republicans prefer? It’s because the Republican plan would lock in for even longer the $1.2 trillion in budget cuts known as sequestration, which went into effect in March and which Democrats really hate. Continue reading “Why Harry Reid Fears a Long-Term Shutdown Deal”

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