Tell Walmart to meet with these warehouse workers NOW.

There is pain, suffering, and dangerous working conditions in Walmart’s supply chain.

Stand with the warehouse workers that supply Walmart stores and demand change.

Tell Walmart to meet with these warehouse workers NOW.

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Workers Memorial Day (April 28th)

Crossposted from Working America’s Main Street blog. Read a statement from Pres. McEntee here.

It’s Workers Memorial Day — a time to honor, or at least stop and think about, the workers who have lost their lives on the job. While the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) has greatly decreased the number of workplace deaths and injuries in the 40 years since it was passed, there are still too many.

Big explosions and disasters draw headlines and attention, but many more workers lose their lives in ways that don’t get widespread notice — but are no less painful for their families and friends. Continue reading “Workers Memorial Day (April 28th)”

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