Pentagon recalls civilian workforce

By Carlo Muñoz – 10/05/13 02:12 PM ET

The Pentagon has ordered roughly 400,000 furloughed civilian employees back to work.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the worker recall in a department-wide memorandum issued Saturday.

After consulting with the Justice Department and Department of Defense legal counsel, Hagel noted furloughed employees could be brought back to the Pentagon, while still complying with federal guidelines governing the shutdown, according to the memo.

Civilian workers at DOD shown to play a role in the “morale, well-being [and]…readiness” of U.S. forces could be brought back, under federal rules, Hagel wrote. Continue reading “Pentagon recalls civilian workforce”

Annual Federal Charity Drive Launches With Tempered Expectations

Annual Federal Charity Drive Launches With Tempered Expectations


The Combined Federal Campaign — the 52nd annual federal employee charity drive — kicked into gear this week, hoping to reverse the recent trend of decreasing donations and participation. But the fundraiser comes during an ongoing pay freeze and the mandatory furloughs of hundreds of thousands of workers.

Elaine Kaplan, acting director of the Office of Personnel Management — which administers the CFC — sent a memorandum to human resources representatives across government, spelling out tips to encourage employees and managers to play their part in making the 2013 campaign a success. Kaplan suggested playing up the ability to spread out donations over the entire year, the ease of giving online and the message CFC sends to Americans about the benevolence of federal employees. Managers should encourage their employees to not just donate but volunteer on the operational side of the campaign, she said. Continue reading “Annual Federal Charity Drive Launches With Tempered Expectations”

Most Defense Civilians Begin Forced 3-Day Furlough Weekends

Most Defense Civilians Begin Forced 3-Day Furlough Weekends

Flickr user Michael Baird

Each Defense Department entity has set its own guidelines for implementing the across-the-board furloughs scheduled to begin Monday, according to a Pentagon spokesman, though most of the department’s civilians face forced three-day weekends.

“There’s no one set of rules,” said Mark Wright, a Defense spokesman. “Every office has been doing it a little differently.”

A majority of Defense agencies, he added, will allow employees to take unpaid leave on Mondays or Fridays. Continue reading “Most Defense Civilians Begin Forced 3-Day Furlough Weekends”

Defense Civilians Make Last Ditch Effort to End Furloughs

Defense Civilians Make Last Ditch Effort to End Furloughs

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Beleaguered federal employees have taken to the White House’s petition website to challenge the Pentagon’s decision to furlough most of its civilian workforce for 11 days in fiscal 2013.

“We the People, Department of Defense federal employees, petition the President of the United States to STOP Secretary Hagel for issuing 11 days furlough starting July 8, 2013,” the petition’s author wrote.  “Federal employees have contributed enough in the last three years with pay freezes and lay-offs.” Continue reading “Defense Civilians Make Last Ditch Effort to End Furloughs”

Conservative Report Finds $1.8 Trillion in Pentagon Savings

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Conservative Report Finds $1.8 Trillion in Pentagon Savings

 June 6, 2013
 Cash Stack

“The ‘universe’ of programs and processes in need of reform at the Pentagon is more than large enough to allow for compliance with so-called sequestration while maintaining the strongest and most capable military the world has ever known.” – R Street Institute and National Taxpayers Union, June 2013

We couldn’t agree more. This quote, from a report released Tuesday by the fiscally conservative organizations R Street Institute and National Taxpayers Union, reflects a growing consensus that we can no longer afford to overlook waste at the Pentagon. Defending America, Defending Taxpayers details 100 specific recommendations for cuts to the Department of Defense (DoD)—the nation’s largest agency—totaling over $1.8 trillion, and makes a compelling argument for why these cuts will make our defense budget leaner while keeping us safe. Continue reading “Conservative Report Finds $1.8 Trillion in Pentagon Savings”

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