Take Action to Stop the Cuts!

We never would have ended the government lockout without thousands of federal workers taking to the streets and demanding the return to work. We need you to stand up once again and tell our politicians that enough is enough.

Spread the Word: Media and Online

AFGE members saturated the airwaves during the lockout, doing more than 450 interviews in a matter of weeks. We need to get our stories to the press and win the support of our communities. Here’s how:

Learn More About Threats To Your Wallet

There is more than just federal pay, retirement, and jobs on the line in these budget talks. Cuts to vital services like social security, military readiness, and border security are all on the table. Learn more about the latest proposals here:


Shutdown Coverage for AFGE District 7 Chicago

WGN News (Chicago)

Possible Government Shutdown: What’s it mean and how does it affect you? Read more: http://wgntv.com/2013/09/30/possible-government-shutdown-whats-it-mean-and-how-does-it-affect-you/#ixzz2gUh0ktMT

Channel 7 ABC EyeWitness News (Chicago)

Government shutdown looms over Chicago’s federal workershttp://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/politics&id=9268066


Analysis: Sequestration May Be a Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come

Analysis: Sequestration May Be a Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come

Early last June, I was having coffee with a longtime friend, a former Republican member of Congress widely considered one of the most astute watchers of Washington and the political process. This friend said he thought that budget sequestration was very likely to happen, that it was almost inevitable given the players and dynamics that were in place. Keep in mind that this was long before the outcome of the November 2012 election was known.

My friend wasn’t arguing that he was in favor of sequestration. In fact, he stated matter-of-factly that he didn’t want to see it happen. He speculated that it would bring pain and hardship and quite possibly tip us into a recession, albeit probably a brief one. He finished his point by making the case that as much as he would hate to see it happen, that once it did happen, once the economy emerged out of the other side of the horrible and mindless process, that the nation’s budget numbers would look much better. He predicted that in the long haul, even factoring in the pain, we might be better off than if it had not occurred. Continue reading “Analysis: Sequestration May Be a Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come”

2012 Ohio AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidates & Issues


Click Here for Early Vote Locations

2012 Ohio AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidates & Issues


Office Name
President Barack Obama
U.S. Senate Sherrod Brown
Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown
William “Bill” O’Neill
Michael Skindell
US Court Of Appeals
1st District Martha Good
1st District Bruce Whitman
4th District Court Marie Hoover
5th District Court Scott Gwin
5th District Court John Wise
5th District Court Patricia Delaney
7th District Court Mary DeGenaro
8th District Court Eileen T. Gallagher
9th District Court Clair Dickinson
11th District Court Mary Jane Trapp
U.S. House of Representatives
District 3 Joyce Beatty
District 4 Jim Slone
District 5 Angela Zimmann
District 6 Charlie Wilson
District 7 Joyce Healy-Abrams
District 9 Marcy Kaptur
District 10 Sharon Neuhardt
District 11 Marcia Fudge
District 12 Jim Reese
District 13 Tim Ryan
District 15 Pat Lang
District 16 Betty Sutton
Ohio State Senate
2 Randy Gardener
6 Rick McKiddy
16 Jim Hughes
18 Jim Mueller
20 Terese Scarmack
24 Tom Patton
28 Tom Sawyer
30 Lou Gentile
32 Capri Cafaro
Ohio House of Representatives
2 Ellen Haring
3 Kelly Wicks
4 Robert Huenke
5 Nick Barborak
6 Anthony Fossaceca
7 Matt Patten
8 Armond Budish
9 Barbara Boyd
10 Bill Patmon
11 Sandra Williams
12 John Barnes
13 Nickie Antonio
14 Mike Foley
15 Nick Celebrezze
16 Andrew Meyer
18 Michael Stinziano
19 Ryan Jolley
20 Heather Bishoff
21 Donna O’Connor
22 John Carney
23 Traci Johnson
24 Maureen Reedy
25 Kevin Boyce
26 Tracy Heard
28 Connie Pillich
29 Hubert Brown
31 Denise Driehaus
32 Dale Mallory
33 Alicia Reece
34 Vernon Sykes
35 Zack Milkovich
36 Paul Colavecchio
37 Tom Schmida
38 Mike Kaplan
39 Fred Strahorn
40 Carl Fisher
41 Caroline Gentry
43 Roland Winburn
44 Michael Ashford
45 Teresa Fedor
46 Matt Szollosi
47 Jeff Bunck
48 Amanda Trump
49 Steve Slesnick
50 Sue Ryan
51 Mark Hardig
52 Branden Rudie
55 Matt Lundy
56 Dan Ramos
57 Matt Lark
58 Bob Hagan
59 Ron Gerberry
60 John Rogers
61 Susan McGuinness
63 Sean O’Brien
64 Tom Letson
65 Steve Myers
66 Ken McNeely
69 Judith Cross
70 Steve Johnson
71 Brady Jones
72 David Dilly
75 Kathleen Clyde
76 Tom Warren
78 Jeremy Van Meter
81 John Vanover
83 John Kostyo
86 Cheryl Johncox
88 Bill Young
89 Chris Redfern
90 John Haas
92 Bob Armstrong
94 Debbie Phillips
95 Charlie Daniels
96 Jack Cera
97 Frank Fleischer
98 Josh O’Farrell
99 John Patterson
State School Board
District 1 Ann Jacobs
District 5 Richard Javorek
District 6 Michael Collins
District 7 James Collum
District 9 Stephanie Dodd
District 10 Todd Book
District 11 Mary Rose Oakar


Chicago Federation of Labor – Endorsed Candidates

Last night’s debate illustrates just how much is at stake in this election for working men and women. From the top of the ticket all the way to the bottom, working people have stark choices between candidates who want to protect the top 1% and those who want to build an economy that works for everyone.

You don’t have to wait until November 6 to make your voice heard. You can go to the polls now during the early voting period to vote for labor’s endorsed candidates.

For information about where you can vote and which candidates have been endorsed by organized labor, visit www.chicagolabor.org/politics.

After you vote, join us in making calls to other union members to make sure they get out and vote. We have expanded our phone bank operation for the last few weeks of the campaign.

We have expanded hours at the Painters District Council in Chicago and are opening a second calling location at the IUOE Local 150 in Countryside beginning Thursday, Oct. 25 and running through Election Day.

Click here for information about how you can get involved

In Unity,

The Chicago Federation of Labor


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