Important Message from President Cox

Important Message from President Cox

You don’t deserve another pay cut from Congress. But you may be headed for one. That’s why I need you to call your lawmakers right now.

You may be forced to pay more for your pension – beginning next year – if some of the lawmakers working to negotiate a budget deal have their way. We’re hearing that those lawmakers are proposing to more than triple what you pay for your pension. That’s an additional $20 billion pay cut over the next ten years on top of the $113 billion federal employees have already sacrificed. And that doesn’t include lost wages from furloughs.

The very idea of asking you or any federal employee to sacrifice another penny makes my blood boil. That’s why I’m asking every AFGE member, family member and friend to call their lawmakers right now – your Representative and both of your Senators. We’ve got to stop this proposal in its tracks. Continue reading “Important Message from President Cox”

Votes on On Passage of the Bill (H.R. 2775 As Amended)

Stop the Shutdown! Stop the Sequester!

Thanks to all of you for your hard work over the last 16 days. I wanted to provide you with some further information on last night’s vote. The Senate vote was 81-18 and the House vote was 285-144.  A YES vote is “Right” and a NO vote is “Wrong” in both chambers.

Here are the actual votes by Senator.

Here are the actual votes by Representative.

Here is a New York Times  article also describing the shutdown votes.

Check the links above to see if your Senators and Representatives voted the right way. If they did, make sure to thank them for standing firmly by our side during the Lockout, and to remind them to continue stand with us during the FY 2014 budget talks. Click here for the phone script to thank those who voted with us. 

White House Backing Down on Contractor Compensation Cap

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White House Backing Down on Contractor Compensation Cap

 May 30, 2013

Updated 5/31/2013

The White House is backing down on its call to significantly reduce the cap on compensation for defense and civilian contractor employees. Last year, the White House proposed reducing the cap to $200,000, roughly equal to a Senate proposal to reduce the cap to $230,700. Despite those efforts, the reduced cap was stripped by the conference committee. Instead, Congress approved a Government Accountability Office report on contractor compensation (Sect. 864).

Now, the White House is backing a significantly higher compensation cap of $400,000 for federal contractor employees. The proposal is in the Defense Department’s legislative package that was sent to Congress in mid-March and, according to Federal News Radio and the file’s metadata, the author of the proposal was an Office of Federal Procurement Policy official. Continue reading “White House Backing Down on Contractor Compensation Cap”

March 8th AFGE Week In Review.

AFGE Action Network

Here is the bulletin board version of the March 8th AFGE Week In Review.

In this issue of Week in Review:

  • House Lawmakers Vote to Cancel 0.5% Raise for Federal Employees
  • 21,000 Petitions from AFGE Members Sent to House Speaker Boehner
  • Senators Urge Senate Appropriations Panel to Cap Taxpayer Subsidies for Contractor Compensation

The AFGE Week In Review gives members and their Locals an in depth and easy-to-read publication on issues affecting us and what our members are doing around the country. It’s a simple way to keep our members informed and educated on the issues. Equally important, AFGE Week in Review is approved by the General Counsel’s Office for bulletin board posting, to the extent that you are not prohibited by your contract or agency rules.

In Solidarity,

J. David Cox, Sr.
President, AFGE

For the latest updates on your pension, pay, budget cuts, and other news, text “NoCuts” on your personal phone to 225-568.

Please do not reply to this email. If you would like to unsubscribe from the AFGE list, you can visit your subscription management page.


Fight the Furloughs – Make Them Sweat!

AFGE Action Network

IIMPORTANT: You may view this email using your home email on your personal computer, smart phone, or other electronic device when not on government property. BUT, this information should not be downloaded using government equipment, read during duty time, or sent to others using government equipment, because it involves taking an election related action and could be a violation of the Hatch Act.

Lawmakers want to furlough us. Strike back where it hurts them most—target their reelection. 


Sequestration: It’s not just politics. Because of automated spending cuts, working families like yours will be forced to choose—pay for the groceries or mortgage bill?

That’s the real world consequence of furloughs. But we can fight this. We’re 283,000 people strong. We’re going to make lawmakers sweat about their decision to let the Sequester slide and to furlough so many government workers.

I want 1,000 AFGE members to contribute to the PAC by midnight tonight to show Congress that we aren’t taking this laying down. When you contribute to AFGE PAC, we put that money to work by supporting candidates who challenge lawmakers that vote against us.

Show lawmakers that you’re willing to strike back where it hurts them most—target their reelection.

By pooling our resources, every PAC contribution gets turned into political power, and that’s exactly what we need right now. Lawmakers aren’t worried about their jobs because they don’t see federal workers as a powerful enough threat.If we raise the cash, we become that threat.

The reality of being a federal worker is that you have a very personal stake in who gets elected.  Congress determines what happens to your pay, benefits, and job security. When you contribute now, you’re building our political arsenal. That means when election time rolls around, we’ll have our arsenal ready while they’re still trying to build theirs.

Making a single contribution to AFGE PAC means you get to have an influence on who gets elected. And 1,000 new contributions today will mean we definitely will get the attention of the lawmakers who keep targeting us. You can make a huge difference right now by becoming one of the 1,000 members to chip into AFGE PAC by midnight tonight.

Just $25—or whatever you can afford—is an investment in your future pay, pension, and job. Instead of being kicked around by lawmakers who treat you like dirt, kick back. Contribute to AFGE PAC.

Thank you for all that you do,

J. David Cox, Sr.
President, AFGE

*Contributions to AFGE-PAC are used for political purposes and are not tax deductible. You may give more or less than the amounts suggested, and AFGE and AFGE-PAC will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount of their contribution or their reason not to give.

For the latest updates on your pension, pay, budget cuts, and other news, text “NoCuts” on your personal phone to 225-568.

Please do not reply to this email. If you would like to unsubscribe from the AFGE list, you can visit your subscription management page.

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