I’m a Federal Retiree, and I’m not a Moocher!

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Dear John,

Peter Gillard has worked as a federal employee for 35 years. He took pride in his job, and worked hard for his paycheck and pension. Now he’s retired and mad as hell. He finds it insulting that Romney think’s he’s dependent and irresponsible. In Peter’s words, “I’ve worked hard for what I have, and I’m not a moocher.” That’s why he made this video. Watch it below.


Share the video and show it to your friends. Your job and pension are at stake in this election. We can’t afford to have Romney in the White House. Claim your stake and vote this November.

In Solidarity,
Peter Gillard
Federal Retiree and AFGE member

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Palermo Workers Fast in Solidarity with Colombian Workers.

Palermo Workers Fast in Solidarity with Colombian Workers.

Milwaukee – Palermo Workers on strike participated in a one-day solidarity fast on Monday, September 17, to express their solidarity with workers on strike against a General Motors Colombia. Some of the Colombian strikers are also participating in a “Fast to the Death” to bring attention to their struggle.

Employees of the Colombian outpost of American car manufacturer GM renewed their call for international solidarity actions on September 3rd, after four days of talks facilitated by the Federal Mediation and Reconciliation Services broke down, and even the involvement of US State Department failed to help reach an agreement. Continue reading “Palermo Workers Fast in Solidarity with Colombian Workers.”

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