Union says right-to-work laws equivalent to slavery; NRTW says unions want monopoly

Union says right-to-work laws equivalent to slavery; NRTW says unions want monopoly



PHILADELPHIA (Legal Newsline) – One of the more controversial labor law initiatives in modern times – the right-to-work law – is fraught with confusion and contention.

Union opponents have termed right to work laws as immoral, illegal and unconstitutional. Indeed one union, the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 (IUOE), filed suit against the state of Indiana claiming the state’s newly enacted law was tantamount to slavery.

“The right-to-work law in Indiana forces Local 150 and other unions to provide identical services to workers whether or not they pay dues,” said Ed Maher, communications director for IUOE Local 150. Continue reading “Union says right-to-work laws equivalent to slavery; NRTW says unions want monopoly”

AFGE Union Leader Responds To Democratic Party Platform

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. today issued the following comment in response to the Democratic Party’s 2012 platform:

The Democratic Party has laid out a vision for the country that focuses on restoring and growing the middle class, creating jobs, investing in the future and ensuring that everyone pays their fair share. Continue reading “AFGE Union Leader Responds To Democratic Party Platform”

How the Party Platforms Differ

How the Party Platforms Differ

By Published: September 4, 2012

The platform that the Democratic Party plans to approve Tuesday at its convention in Charlotte, N.C., offers a stark contrast to the platform that Republicans approved last week at their convention in Tampa, Fla., especially on social issues like abortion rights and same-sex marriage, the future of entitlements like Medicare and Social Security, and labor policy and taxes. Here is a look at some of the crucial differences.

Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

A worker checked the stage at the Time Warner Cable Arena before the start of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday. Continue reading “How the Party Platforms Differ”

Fewer Workers in Unions = Growing Income Inequality

08/31/2012; Tula Connell


The U.S. public is painfully aware of the growing income inequality in this nation.

Now, a new report shows a big reason why the gap is growing: fewer workers in unions.

Declining unionization was responsible for roughly one-third of the growth of wage inequality among men from 1973 to 2007, a new Economic Policy Institute (EPI) report finds. Declining unionization can explain roughly one-fifth of the growth of wage inequality among women over the same period (click to enlarge chart). Continue reading “Fewer Workers in Unions = Growing Income Inequality”

Opinion: Big labor could use some love

By Juan Williams – 09/04/12 05:00 AM ET

It was so quiet yesterday at the 2012 Democratic National Convention site that the media focused on street protests.

Big Labor is joining Occupy Wall Street protests to send a message to President Obama and the Democrats: If you win the election in November, it will largely be because of our efforts — and you will owe us.

It is no secret that the labor unions are livid at the Democrats for holding their convention in North Carolina, a right-to-work state where only 2.9 percent of the workforce is unionized — the lowest in the entire nation.

The actual venue for the convention, the Time Warner Cable Arena, was constructed with non-union labor and uses non-union workers.

Not a single hotel in Charlotte, where the convention speakers and attendees will be staying, has unionized workers. Continue reading “Opinion: Big labor could use some love”

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