Threats to Your Retirement and Pay

Threats to Your Retirement and Pay


By December 13th, House and Senate appropriators need to come up with a budget to fund the government for next year, or risk another shutdown. Anti-federal employee members of Congress are once again targeting your retirement, pay, and even your jobs for more cuts. You earned your pay and benefits and Congress will never take them away from you without your consent.


Don’t become their ransom paid to solve another manufactured crisis. Use the resources in our Budget War Room to educate your peers, organize your communities, and fight for what you have earned.


What Proposals are on the Table?


House Budget – Paul Ryan (WI) Senate Budget – Patty Murray (WA)
Pay Freeze “Pay for performance” 1% pay increase
Retirement Increases employee pension contributions by 5.5% Leaves retirement intact
Sequestration Preserves sequester cuts, but directs them toward non-defense agencies. Replaces sequester with a mix of taxes and spending cuts
Jobs Cuts 210,000 jobs by attrition by 2015 Maintains current employment levels


Important Message from President Cox

Important Message from President Cox

You don’t deserve another pay cut from Congress. But you may be headed for one. That’s why I need you to call your lawmakers right now.

You may be forced to pay more for your pension – beginning next year – if some of the lawmakers working to negotiate a budget deal have their way. We’re hearing that those lawmakers are proposing to more than triple what you pay for your pension. That’s an additional $20 billion pay cut over the next ten years on top of the $113 billion federal employees have already sacrificed. And that doesn’t include lost wages from furloughs.

The very idea of asking you or any federal employee to sacrifice another penny makes my blood boil. That’s why I’m asking every AFGE member, family member and friend to call their lawmakers right now – your Representative and both of your Senators. We’ve got to stop this proposal in its tracks. Continue reading “Important Message from President Cox”

Democrats: No Budget Deal Without Unemployment Insurance Extension

Democrats: No Budget Deal Without Unemployment Insurance Extension

By Matthew Larotonda 59 minutes ago ABC News Blogs
Democrats: No Budget Deal Without Unemployment Insurance Extension (ABC News)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House and its Democratic allies are pushing to continue a jobless benefits program set to expire for over a million long-term unemployed without congressional intervention. And while whispers persisted this week that Congress could be close to a budget deal before their holiday break, today Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said her party’s negotiators were insistent on an extension as a bargaining chip.

“Yes, indeed, we are making a very clear statement that we cannot, cannot support a budget agreement that does not include unemployment insurance in the budget or as a sidebar in order to move it all along,” she said at a Democrats-only hearing on the uninsured. “It would undermine who we are as a country.”

The congresswoman later indicated at a press conference that she could support a budget deal that doesn’t include continuation for the benefits, if they are extended separately on their own merit. Continue reading “Democrats: No Budget Deal Without Unemployment Insurance Extension”

Do-Nothing Congress Dithers on Budget as Deadline Nears

By Heidi Przybyla & Brian Wingfield – Nov 28, 2013 11:00 PM CT
Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo
Rear Adm. Mike Franken, Chief of Legislative Affairs for the Secretary of the Navy, left, speaks with Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert, on Capitol Hill in Washington, on Nov. 7, 2013, prior to Greenert testifying before the Senate Armed Service Committee hearing on the impact of sequestration on nation defense.

Congress’s latest attempt at crafting a budget plan is on track to end up the same way as others have in the past decade: with little or no agreement.

Do-Nothing Congress Dithers on Budget as Panel’s Deadline Nears

The Capitol building in Washington,. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Negotiators have little chance of breaking this string of futility, even after a 16-day government shutdown in October that cost the U.S. economy $24 billion. If they do, it’ll only be to curb automatic spending cuts, including $19 billion that hits the Pentagon starting in January.

Now budget experts, labor unions and business groups are saying enough’s enough, and questioning why lawmakers can’t live within their means the way ordinary Americans do and instead lurch from one budget standoff to the next. Continue reading “Do-Nothing Congress Dithers on Budget as Deadline Nears”

Expect Sequestration to Hit Much Harder in 2014, Report Says

Expect Sequestration to Hit Much Harder in 2014, Report Says

USDA was able to avoid furloughing meat inspectors in 2013.
USDA was able to avoid furloughing meat inspectors in 2013. Michael A. Mariant/AP file photo

Less severe cuts, deferred costs and temporary solutions mitigated sequestration’s effect in its inaugural year, but will not help lessen the impact in 2014, according to a new report.

The Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, said the tactics federal agencies used to reduce furloughs in fiscal 2013 are, in many cases, no longer available. In fact, they will largely accentuate the severity of the cuts this time around.

For example, Congress allowed the Federal Aviation Administration to move funds from an account meant to provide maintenance to airports nationwide to avoid furloughs of air traffic controllers that would have delayed flights. Similar budgetary “gimmicks” were employed at the Agriculture Department to stave off furloughs of meat inspectors and by the Justice Department, which has already announced plans of 10 furlough days for FBI agents in 2014.

Continue reading “Expect Sequestration to Hit Much Harder in 2014, Report Says”