A Stampede of Hysterics

A Stampede of Hysterics

February 15, 2013

This article orginally appeared on ForeignPolicy.com.

I read two critically important reports this week on the impact that sequestration would have on national defense. That possible reduction in military spending — $48 billion, or 7.4 percent of the $645 billion currently appropriated for fiscal year 2013 — is being characterized by the stampede of hysterics who run the Pentagon as the virtual end of national security as we know it. What these two reports show is that we should now consider the Pentagon as morally and mentally broken as Congress.

The first report, by Chuck Spinney, who spent a few decades inside the Department of Defense evaluating budgets, weapons, and bureaucratic behavior, was published at Counterpunch and Time‘s Battleland blog. The second was a Congressional Research Service report by Amy Belasco, who has spent the last few decades at CRS and the Congressional Budget Office parsing defense budgets and their implications. Continue reading “A Stampede of Hysterics”

Federal agencies bracing for cuts after ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

Federal agencies bracing for cuts after ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

Video: President Obama is praising the bill that staves off the “fiscal cliff” tax hikes and spending cuts. The House of Representatives followed the Senate’s lead and passed the bill late Tuesday.

By and , Published: January 2

The fiscal pact Congress reached hours into the new year will delay $109 billion in automatic across-the-board spending cuts for two months. But it will make a down payment on those reductions that will affect federal operations this year and next.

The eleventh-hour agreement to avoid a “fiscal cliff” of higher taxes put off the major cuts known as a sequester until March 1, when another showdown is expected over the federal

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