A Labor Day Message from Local President

A Labor Day Message from Local President

Posted on 28 August 2012 by webmaster

Fellow USW Local 13-2001 Members,

As Labor Day quickly approaches it is imperative that we remember that this day is for the workers.  It is a day of celebration for the strides in which we the labor movement have in fact made our work places safer.  We have also brought equality and fairness onto the shop floor.  Social and economic fairness are also issues that we have made drastic improvements to.  This is a day for Labor.  We should be proud of this.

Before our time in the workforce and before Labor Day was recognized as a national holiday workers toiled in mines and factories for 12 plus hours a day 7 days a week and barely made enough to get by.  These workers also faced work environments where safety was not even a thought.  Children worked these same hours and days and were paid just a fraction of their adult counterpart’s wages.  This is real, this is our history and we should never forget it. Continue reading “A Labor Day Message from Local President”