Walmart Workers Continue Demand for Change

Oct 10, 2012 Mike Hall

Workers at Walmart are continuing their actions to win respect and bring change to Walmart , with a demonstration today outside Walmart’s Bentonville, Ark., headquarters and with strikes yesterday by workers at stores in Dallas; Seattle; Miami; Sacramento, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; and in the Chicago and Washington areas.

Colby Harris, who earns $8.90 an hour after three years working at a Walmart in Lancaster, Texas, told The New York Times: Continue reading “Walmart Workers Continue Demand for Change”

Tell Walmart to meet with these warehouse workers NOW.

There is pain, suffering, and dangerous working conditions in Walmart’s supply chain.

Stand with the warehouse workers that supply Walmart stores and demand change.

Tell Walmart to meet with these warehouse workers NOW.

Continue reading “Tell Walmart to meet with these warehouse workers NOW.”

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