A Labor Day Message

 A Labor Day Message

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Published as part of the August 29, 2012 edition. Last updated August 29, 2012.

President, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

Labor Day is the one holiday on the calendar devoted to honoring and recognizing America’s workers and their families and the value we bring to the prosperity and strength of our nation. That’s pretty much all of us, whether we’re employed or looking for work. And no matter what we do, our work makes the work of others possible. Teachers depend on electricians, who count on steelworkers, who need nurses and engineers, who rely on researchers and bus drivers and flight attendants, who depend upon taxi drivers and child care workers, who need auto workers and traffic cops and firefighters, and so on it goes.

Work connects us all. And together, we are better. Here’s what else connects us: Our vision of an America that values and respects work and the people who do it. Not some of us, all of us. Today we are further from this vision than we have been in many generations. Continue reading “A Labor Day Message”