Congressional Visit Planning Checklist


  • Call Congressional office; find out name of scheduler; request meeting
  • Write short letter to request and/or confirm meeting
  • Arrange place for pre-meeting
  • Inform members of lobbying team of date, time and place of pre-meeting andmeeting.
  • Check with team members to see if anyone should be added to the team because of knowledge of an issue or persons, connections to the Member of Congress (Remember: the ideal size of the group is 5 to 9 people)
  • Arrange for a camera to be brought to meeting for pictures


  • Pre-meeting is held an hour to an hour and one-half before the visit at a site close to the Congressional office. If this is your first meeting, you may want your pre-meeting to be a day or two before to allow more time for your team’s discussions.
  • The team meets to plan, strategize and script the meeting
  • Review the goal and topic of the meeting
  • Establish the order of introductions and go through what team members will say; their presentation should be personalized
  • Script what points team members will make on the issue to be discussed;the fact sheet/ talking points will be your guide
  • Explain leader’s major tactics:
  • Directs discussion; does not do most of talking
  • Ends meeting before Member of Congress does
  • If possible, the picture needs to be taken at end of meeting

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