Setting Up a Meeting with a Member of Congress

When Congress is in recess, Senators are back in their districts working. You can meet with members of Congress and their staff in the district office.

Your first step is to contact the Congressional office and find out the name of the scheduler. When you request a meeting with a lawmaker be prepared to state:

  • Who you are (e.g. President of Local 2001/ Voter who works at Federal Agency);
  • If you are a Local Officer, who you represent (e.g. 1200 workers at the Defense Logistics Agency);
  •  What you’d like to discuss with the lawmaker (e.g. the impact of sequestrationand other budget cuts on federal employees and the services we provide);
  •  How many people you are bringing (e.g., 5 union officers/ concerned voters); and,
  • Dates you are available.

You may be asked to submit the request in writing. Even if you are not asked to do so you will want to write a short letter to confirm the request. You adapt the Sample Letter on page 3 request or confirm your meeting request.

It may not be possible to meet personally with the Senator. If they are not available, you will want to meet with their staff. Staff advise lawmakers on what Legislation they should support or oppose. Staff can and are very influential. They are key to accomplishing our legislative agenda. Developing a good working relationship with congressional staff is an essential part of your Local’s legislative action.

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