The Congressional Visit

  • Be early (10-15 minutes is good) and expect the Member of Congress to be running late
  • Leader should inquire how much time the team will have with Member of Congress; it may be much less than you originally scheduled (Knowing this will allow you to end the meeting on time)
  • Meeting begins with personal introductions: name and place of employment; years of service; place or residence and connection to the Member of Congress (if any) or a little about your family
  • Leader introduces the issue on topic to be discussed; each team member should contribute to the discussion
  • Solicit the views and position of the Member of Congress on the issue; ask for a commitment for or against the issue (or to co-sponsor AFGE supported legislation)
  • Keep the tone of the meeting professional; keep your cool, even if the Member of Congress does not agree with our position
  • Leader concludes the meeting, thanks the Member of Congress for their time and requests a photo
  • Get the name of the staffer who handles defense issues in order to establish ongoing contact


  • Happens after visit (in hallway or outside building)
  • Leader reminds the team to:
  • Make thank you call
  • Write thank you note with request of support for our issue

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