Register AND Vote!

The next national election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. On that day, voters will elect a new president and vice president, as well as 435 Congressional Representatives and thirty-four (34) United States Senators. Please keep up with the news in your state to know when the primary elections are.

Here is what the Master Collective Bargaining Agreement (MCBA), says about time-off for voting.

Article 25 Leave, Section 11

As a general rule, where the polls are not open at least three (3) hours either .before or after an employee’s regular hours of work, he/she may be granted an amount of excused leave which will permit him/her to report to work three (3) hours after the polls open or leave work three (3) hours before the polls close, whichever requires the lesser amount of time off. Under exceptional circumstances where the general rule does not permit sufficient time, an employee may be excused for such additional time as may be needed to enable him/her to vote, depending on the particular circumstances in hislher individual case, but not to exceed a full day.

Employees requesting more than the general rule will do it in writing. Each request shall state fully the reasons for additional time needed. Additional time may be approved, if determined to be reasonable, up to a total of eight (8) hours. Voting arrangements requiring excused time will be made with the employee’s supervisor prior to Election Day to prevent undue interruption of work operations.

BUT Make Sure That You Are Registered to Vote!