The Local 704/AFGE Council 238 vote to ratify the AFGE EPA tentatively agreed-to contract articles

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In total 448 active and retired dues paying Local 704 members were emailed a link to vote. We had 225 union members participate in voting (223 votes submitted votes via SurveyMonkey link and 2 manual votes via email). Of those who voted, 91% voted to ratify the tentatively agreed-to contract articles (TAs).

Thank you to the Ratification Committee volunteers for reviewing the TAs, creating outstanding informational documents, hosting the townhall/Q&A session, doing outreach to all of the Local 704 membership, and conducting the online voting. We appreciate all of the work they put into making sure Local 704 was informed and engaged!

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What We Voted On

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Disclaimer: These documents highlight significant issues Local 704 Special Committee on Ratification were able to summarize from the original contract documents and the ratification materials provided by AFGE Council 238.  We recommend you review the contracts and ratification documents for further detail.  In accordance with the 2019 EPA/AFGE Settlement Agreement, the negotiations, and therefore any potential changes to the 2019 UMAD, were limited to the following contract articles or portions of articles.  All other 2019 UMAD provisions not listed here will remain in the new contract if ratified.

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